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AKC Title Testing Day:
Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Advanced CGC, STAR Puppy, and Trick Dog Titles  
Saturday, June 24th (see times below)
at Good Dog Rising

11am: STAR Puppy - or - AKC Trick Dog Title
1-3pm: Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
4-5pm: Advanced CGC (Community Canine)

Sign up HERE to reserve your spot! Space is limited.

We do our best to keep testing informal, loose, and fun for both you and your dog! 

We'll do testing in small groups throughout the day. Depending on size, we may break into smaller groups and give you a specific start time. Each test is $15. We provide all forms for STAR puppy, CGC, and Advanced CGC. 

Not sure if you're ready? Sign up as a practice run!

If you think your dog isn't ready to pass the CGC test, but you'd like to sign up to use your spot for a practice run - you're more than welcome!  If doing a practice run, you may use treats (and coaching tips will be provided.)

Does my dog need to be registered with AKC?

You do not need to be registered with AKC to TAKE any of the tests, however some tests require AKC registration to record the title with the AKC and receive your certificate. For CGC you have options to either just get a certificate (no registration required) or to get the title (registration required). If you want/need to register with AKC, you can send everything in together after you pass! We can answer any questions on test day and set you up with what you need.

All breeds and mixes are welcome to register with AKC (good work, AKC!) - do this under the Canine Partners program with the Canine Partners Application Form. You can send both in at the same time after you pass. This is a one-time registration that covers lots of AKC activities and events.

You may sign up for both CGC and Advanced CGC in the same day. If your dog doesn't pass the CGC test, you may still do the ACGC test as a practice run.

All the details about these tests:

To prepare, be sure to check out details about what's required for each CGC/STAR test here:

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
STAR Puppy
Advanced CGC (Community Canine)

Find details on the new AKC Trick Dog titles, requirements, and forms here:

  AKC Trick Dog Titling Forms

What does it really take to pass? You can view the Evaluator Guides!

Sign up HERE to reserve your spot! Space is limited.


Scentwork Field Trips
Various dates/times available
Carlisle area destinations

Good Dog Rising is now offering scent training field trips in and around the Carlisle area. You'll receive specific directions and location info via email after signing up. Each trip will be one hour, for 6 dogs to work either interiors, exteriors, or vehicles. $20 per spot for each field trip.

If the 6 working spots are full, be sure to sign up for a wait list spot -- if there is sufficient interest, we'll add an extra hour to open up 6 more working spots.

See the schedule of Scent Field Trips, and sign up to reserve your place HERE.



NACSW Trials Hosted by Good Dog Rising

NW1 and NW2 Nosework Trial
July 8 and 9, 2017
YWCA, 301 G Street, Carlisle, PA

Good Dog Rising will be the host of our second Nosework trial!  Good Dog Rising will host one day of NW1 and one day of NW2.   

NW1: Saturday, July 8, 2017
NW2: Sunday, July 9, 2017

Entry opens May 25 at noon - more details within the premium.

Thank you for entering:

To volunteer:

You may volunteer for half a day, an entire day or multiple days! We will have plenty of great food available for volunteers.

Please email Noelle Weeks, Volunteer Coordinator, at

You may also use the link below to fill out a volunteer form:  


NW2, NW3, and Elite Nosework Trial
December 30 and 31, 2017, January 1, 2018 (Tentative)
Rhodes Grove Camp, Chambersburg, PA

Good Dog Rising will be the host of a Nosework trial! Good Dog Rising will host one day of Elite, one day of NW3, and either another day of NW3 or NW2.  More info coming soon. The premium for this trial can be found at the link below. Trial entry opening date will be announced in the fall.

To Volunteer:  Please email Lisa Basial, Volunteer Coordinator, at  You may volunteer for half a day, an entire day or multiple days!  We will have plenty of volunteer raffles and great food available for volunteers.


Stay Tuned for More!
Book Clubs, Movie Nights, Rally or Agility Fun Runs....
at Good Dog Rising



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