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Dog Scout Troop 161 Open House
7pm Friday, January 25, 2019 
at Good Dog Rising

Join us for an open house event as we re-invigorate Dog Scout Troop 161, a local chapter of Dog Scouts of America we've hosted since 2007. We want to get more active again in 2019 because it's such an awesome mix of fun, learning, charitable good deeds, and promoting positive training. We invite current, past, and potential future members to join us.

Open to current and former members, as well as anyone interested in Dog Scouts. Bring a friend! Social dogs are very welcome, or plan to enjoy quality time with other "dog people." Dogs/people do not have to be GDR students. (Given that part of the Dog Scouts mission is to promote positive reinforcement training, we prefer kind equipment only please - no shock, prong, or choke/slip collars - GDR does offer a FREE exchange of these for a nice buckle or martingale limited-slip collar.)

Why: reinvigorating a really awesome group that's been going since 2007 (but a little sluggish in the past year or two), and letting you know about the plan for 2019 events.

We'll start with a very short meeting to cover what Dog Scouts is for new folks, how to begin/renew your membership, and how we plan to get back to being active in 2019 with some fun activities. After that, we'll have some fun informal dog activities like a small agility try-it area and other fun stuff.

We're planning our usual Fall Camping Trip which we do every October, plus looking at a hike or two, a couple of fun training days at GDR, and who knows what other great stuff!

More info about Dog Scouts of America at 

RSVP appreciated (but not required) to Ann at or you can RSVP to our FaceBook Event

AKC CGC - Canine Good Citizen Testing
with a prep course offered beforehand)

March 29, 2019
at Good Dog Rising

Sign up HERE to reserve your test spot!
Space is limited.

Sign up HERE to reserve your practice class spot!
Space is limited in this three-session MiniSeries course. Course meets on three Fridays: 2/1, 2/15, and 3/1.  **Since this class filled so quickly, we have added a second prep/practice class at 8pm on the same dates. 

There are no prerequisites for testing, but we highly recommend Good Dog Rising's Basic and Advanced Manners course to be successful. The CGC Practice MiniSeries course will help you focus on any test items that are challenging for your dog.

We do our best to keep testing informal, loose, and fun for both you and your dog! 
Depending on size, we may break into smaller groups and give you a specific start time. Each test is $20. We provide all forms needed for the test, and to register your dog with AKC if you wish to do so. 

Not sure if you're ready? Sign up as a practice run!

If you think your dog isn't ready to pass the CGC test, but you'd like to sign up to use your spot for a practice run - you're more than welcome!  If doing a practice run, you may use treats (and coaching tips will be provided.)

Does my dog need to be registered with AKC?

You do not need to be registered with AKC to TAKE any the test, however some tests require AKC registration to record the title with the AKC and receive your certificate. For CGC you have options to either just get a certificate (no registration required) or to get the official title (AKC registration required). If you want/need to register with AKC, you can send everything in together after you pass! We can answer any questions on test day and set you up with what you need.

All breeds and mixes are welcome to register with AKC (good work, AKC!) - do this under the Canine Partners program with the Canine Partners Application Form. You can send both in at the same time after you pass. This is a one-time registration that covers lots of AKC activities and events.

All the details about these tests:

To prepare, be sure to check out details about what's required here: 

What does it really take to pass? You can view the Evaluator Guides!


Stay Tuned for More!
Book Clubs, Movie Nights, Rally or Agility Fun Runs....
at Good Dog Rising



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