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Current/Upcoming class schedule (abbreviation key below) 
Class Day Time Training Room  Instructor Next Start Date DAYS OFF (no class)
ADVANCED MANNERS SUN  9:30 AM  A  Carleen 2/4/18 2/18
AGILITY L3 SUN 1:00 PM  A  Ann 1/7/18 1/28, 2/18, 3/25
AGILITY L2 SUN 2:30 PM  A  Ann 1/7/18 1/28, 2/18, 3/25
AGILITY L2 SUN 4:00 PM  A  Ann 1/7/18 1/28, 2/18, 3/25
AGILITY L1 SUN 5:30 PM  A  Ann 1/7/18  1/28, 2/18
PUPPY SUN 11:00 AM  B Carleen + Janell Rolling 2/18
BASIC MANNERS SUN 1:00 PM   B Carleen + Janell Rolling 2/18
BASIC MANNERS SUN 2:30 PM  B Carleen + Janell Rolling 2/18
BASIC MANNERS SUN 4:00 PM  B Carleen + Janell Rolling 2/18
PUPPY SUN 5:30 PM  B Carleen + Janell Rolling 2/4, 2/18
SCENT L3 SUN  7:00 PM  A Noelle  1/7/18 1/28




SCENT L2 MON 6:45 PM  A  Lisa 1/15/18
SCENT L3 MON 8 PM  A  Noelle 1/29/18
 private tng MON 5:30 PM  B  Carleen  by appt  
TRICK L123 MON 6:45 PM  B  Carleen 1/29/18 1/1
 private tng MON 8:00 PM  B  Carleen  by appt  



BASIC MANNERS TUE 4 PM  B Carleen + Janell Rolling 1/9
BASIC MANNERS TUE 5:30 PM  B Carleen + Janell Rolling  1/9
PUPPY TUE 6:45 PM  B Carleen + Tina Rolling
RALLY L2 TUE 8 PM  A Carleen 1/16/18

K9 SPORTS SAMPLER WED 6:45 PM  A Elena + Chris  1/17/18
  WED 8:00 PM  A     
BASIC MANNERS WED  5:30 PM   B  Janell  Rolling
BASIC MANNERS WED 6:45 PM  B Janell Rolling
BASIC MANNERS WED 8 PM  B Janell Rolling

PUPPY THU 4 PM  B  Carleen Rolling 1/11
SCENT L1 THU 5:30 PM  A  Carleen 1/18/18 1/11
SCENT L2 THU 6:45 PM  A  Carleen 1/18/18 1/11
ADVANCED MANNERS THU 8 PM  A  Carleen 3/8/18



TRICK Bi-W FRI 6:30 PM  A  Carleen 1/19/18* *meets on the following Fridays: Jan 19; Feb 2, 16; Mar 2, 16, 23; Apr 6

AGILITY   -   Agility for Fun
ADVANCED MANNERS   -   Advanced Manners
BASIC MANNERS   -   Basic Manners
F AFF  -  "Feisty" Agility for Fun (this class is for Reactive Dog Level 1 graduates)
F RAL  -  "Feisty" Rally-obedience (this class is for Reactive Dog Level 1 graduates)
FS   -   Freestyle
IMPROV   -  IMPROV Obedience
L1   -   Level One
L2   -   Level Two
L3   -   Level Three
L123   -   All levels
PUPPY   -   Puppy Socialization & Manners (Puppy Kindergarten)
RALLY   -   Rally-Obedience
RD   -   Reactive Dog Class
"Rolling"   -   Various start dates available; view available start dates during registration by clicking the "sign up" button next to each class
RECALL  -  Recall mini course
SCENT   -   Scentwork (also called nosework or scent detection)
SPORT-1   -   Sports Sampler #1: Agility, Flyball, Rally-obedience
SPORT-2   -   Sports Sampler #2: Agility, Scentwork, Rally-obedience
SPORT-3  -  Sports Sampler #3: Scentwork, IMPROV/Tricks, Rally FrEe
TRICK   -   Tricks

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