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Praise for Puppy Class with Carleen and Tina:

"Hi Ann. I just wanted to say that Gunner had his first class yesterday and it went much better than I anticipated. The trainers are phenomenal and made me feel completely at ease. I now have hope and that was after one class!"
- Erin M.
"Dog training at its best!
      Where do I begin? Until working with Ann Withun, we really had no experience with dog training...and honestly didn't understand the benefits. We first consulted with Ann after adopting our dog, Leo (a 90-lb bull mastiff-boxer mix), and seeing some concerns (going crazy over anything with wheels, walking us vs. us walking him, etc.), and due to his size, we needed some quick help. 

     Although there are a variety of group training classes offered, we opted for individual training sessions so we could focus on issues specific to Leo and also so my entire family (husband & 3 young sons) could attend and actively participate. We were all hooked after the first session. My sons refer to Ann as the ‘magic lady’ because she has worked nothing short of magic on Leo starting from the very first session. We were in awe. CORRECTION – we are STILL in awe every time we go. Whatever we want to work on, Ann creates a fun, unique environment to not only teach Leo but to teach US how to teach Leo. This allows all 5 of us to reinforce Leo’s training while we are at home (and the kids absolutely LOVE it). 

     We have worked with Ann for several months now, and recently adopted another dog (Randi, a 65-lb great dane-boxer mix), and can’t wait to take Randi to Good Dog Rising to work with Ann. Having dogs as part of our family is wonderful – but having well-trained dogs as part of our family can’t be beat! :-) "                                                                             
                                                                            - Jennifer M and family


"I am pleased to announce that Sweep, who attended your reactive dog classes, earned her second AKC novice agility title this past weekend at the Weimaraner trial held in the sportsplex in Westminster, Maryland. She was a perfectly well behaved girl and is now officially Cara's Seize The Moment RN, NAP, NAJP, CTL2. She still is unsure of other dogs but trusts me to keep her safe. I am very proud of her. "

- Carolyn and Sweep
"Hi Ann and Lisa,

I just thought I'd pass this on.  My brother just stopped by with his dog (a boxer that jack "beats up" every time they are together) and there was ZERO aggression, barking, growling, etc...  My brother didn't know that we went to training and the first words out of his mouth were "is your dog OK" because it was as if Jack was tranquilized (yes, he was that calm).  I wish I had my clicker and treats with me but I didn't.  I hope to get them together later in the week (this time with Jack being in Zorro's territory) and I'll be sure to take the treats and clicker.  

The last time they were together Jack had, as the vet put it, seizure like activities where his jaw quivered and he foamed at the mouth.  So to go from that to zero issues was truly amazing to me.  Thanks again and I can't wait to see how much more Jack improves in the level 2 class."

- Aaron, Lori, and Jack

"Reactive dog class works!!!!! Oliver graduated from the level 2 class in June. He used to go after all dogs, all the time. Today, my brother's dog came over and both dogs were inside OUR house laying down calmly. Even in the same room!!! Never, ever thought I would see that. Thank you!!!!!"

- Gretchen and Oliver

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